Open Source Football

This project is in active development and subject to change.
If you have any suggestions please contact @petermckeever
scratchpad allows you to collect custom data. This is not yet fully implimented.
If you refresh this page your data will be lost

Welcome to Open Football. This website seeks to make football data collectable and accessible to all.

Notes on using the app:

  • The pitch dimensions are 105 x 70
  • Goal difference here is relative. If the score is 1 - 0, for a shot by home team this is 1, for away team the value is -1
  • Further Context options are not yet built into the model, however with enough data we hope to model this
  • The table which is created is fully editable. If you make a mistake in one of the fields, simply click and correct
  • The expected goals model is indicative only. The model was build on data from some of the top leagues in the world. Over time we hope to make this more granular with your help in data collection


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